Written Feedback on Midterm Scripts: Students’ Expectations, Problems and Preferences

Monisha Biswas

Lecturer, Department of English

East West University, Bangladesh

monisha@ewubd.edu, monishabiswas3@gmail.com


DOI: https://doi.org/10.36832/beltaj.2020.0401.02


Considering the increasing importance of written feedback (WF) on students’ scripts in education nowadays in Bangladesh, this research paper aimed to find out students’ expectations and problems regarding the written feedback provided on their midterm scripts by teachers. It also aimed to find out preferences of students in light of their expectations for making this process more effective. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected from students (1st year to master’s) of the Department of English, X University (pseudonym for a public university) through questionnaire and two Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). There were 86 participants in total (78 respondents of the questionnaire and 8 participants in the FGDs). The study found out that although students expect written feedback on their scripts, they are more interested to check their marks. It also found that some students expect corrections by teachers without trying on their own. Regarding problems faced by students, it was found that many students do not understand feedback with signs and symbols. The findings of this paper indicate that preferences of students should be taken into account by teachers and others concerned to make the process of written feedback effective for students.

Keywords: Written feedback; midterm scripts; students’ expectations; problems; preferences